mathematical modelling

Lewis Dartnell turns the universe into a matrix to model traffic, forest fires and sprawling cities.
Generalists can thrive in a world of specialists
Why traffic jams occur for seemingly no reason
Changing your facial appearance with maths
Jet engines, aircraft carriers and telecommunications networks — these are just some of the things that Nira Chamberlain has modelled. And while he's figuring out defence logistics, he's also pursuing a pure mathematical interest in games. Find out what mathematical modelling can do and why it can also make you slim and fluent in French.
Fractal Modelling of Pollock paintings called into question
Ground breaking work in uncovering optimal funding mechanisms in financial markets
Expedition sets out to determine the North Pole's future
Survival modelling of albums in the Top 100 casts light on the impact of file sharing
Penguin eggs are not something you'd normally associate with maths, but they are right there on the archives of the Smith Institute, an organisation helping businesses use maths to solve their problems. Claudia Centazzo tells us about her role at the institute, selling maths to unsuspecting business people.
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