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Looking for love?

If yes, then you're almost certainly looking online. We look at the algorithm behind one of the Internet's most popular dating sites.

No maths for Europe

The upcoming European Parliament elections are a political problem for the UK. But they also present a mathematical challenge which mathematicians from around Europe have been invited to solve.

The power of snooker

Find out the power behind snooker statistics

Mysterious 6174

Start with your favourite four-digit number, follow these simple steps, and you'll never guess what happens next!

Inverse problems save the day

Inverse problems are mathematical detective problems. They can help solve crimes, are used in medical imaging, and much more.

Maths in a minute: The Sydney Opera House

The mathematical puzzle behind the iconic structure.

Phantom jams

Traffic jams are particularly annoying when they occur for no apparent reason. A little maths goes a long way in explaining and avoiding such phantom jams.

Phenomenal physics

How do you bridge the gap between our highly mathematical theories of nature and experiments? Particle phenomenologist Maria Ubiali explains.