algebraic geometry

Our neighbour Oscar Randal-Williams tells us about his exciting work at the frontiers of mathematics and the fundamental question he might be just about to answer!

Creep up on polynomials with this quick introduction.

Explore the wonderful world where geometry meets algebra.

Fields Medallist June Huh tells us about maths you can "feel and touch" and why maths mirrors who we are as a species

Huh may have had relatively late start in mathematics but his work with maths you can feel and touch has won him a Fields medal.

Barry Mazur has received the 2022 Chern Medal for profound discoveries in topology, arithmetic geometry and number theory.

June Huh has been awarded a Fields Medal for work on combinatorics and algebraic geometry.

Henry Wilton has won a Whitehead Prize for work that combines geometry and algebra.

Sir Michael Atiyah dies aged 89.

Fields medallist Caucher Birkar tells us about his work and his unusual mathematical journey.

Peter Scholze has received the Fields medal 2018 for transforming arithmetic algebraic geometry.

The winner of the 2014 Chern medal tells us about beauty in maths, the twists and turns of mathematical history, and his work for the maths community.