List by Author: Marianne Freiberger

Shining a light on COVID modelling

There have been accusations that the modelling projecting the course of the pandemic was too pessimistic. Are they justified?

Why turbulence is troubling

We all know what turbulence is, but nobody understands it.

The Abel Prize 2022: Dennis Sullivan

This year's Abel Prize goes to the "true virtuoso" Dennis Sullivan.

The STEM for BRITAIN awards

Early career researchers have presented their work to politicians at the Houses of Parliament.

Can game theory help to vaccinate the world?

Game theory suggests that sharing vaccine doses might give a selfish, as well as moral, advantage.

Understanding the diversity of forests using AI

New techniques in artificial intelligence are helping assess the diversity of forests.

Hiding in plane sight

Flying a plane on a secret mission? Some basic geometry can help you avoid being captured by an adversary.

Understanding waning immunity

What can we expect from a disease for which natural or vaccine induced immunity wanes?

How to work out doubling time

The doubling time for the Omicron variant seems to be scarily fast. But how do you calculate it?

Pandemics and psychology

Can you capture people's behaviour in epidemiological models?

Reckoning with R: What will happen over autumn and winter?

Should we again reduce our social contacts? Is vaccinating 12-to-15-year-olds effective? What about boosters? The ready reckoner helps provide some answers.

The power of small things: Resurgent asymptotics

If you ignore exponentially small terms they can come back to bite you.

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