List by Author: Marianne Freiberger

Catching clouds with artificial intelligence

Clouds make the weather, yet their detail isn't taken into account in weather forecasts. Artificial intelligence might be able to help.

What is the Abel Prize?

Find out more about one of the highest honours in maths.

When being wrong is right

What can we learn from the COVID crisis about finding consensus?

Should people learn maths until age 18?

Here are some reasons we think it's not a bad idea.

Mysterious magnetism

Where do the magnetic fields of planets and stars come from?

Why is the Earth a magnet?

It's a good question with a fascinating answer.

Can AI help with breast cancer screening?

There are several ways in which it can and studies suggest they could be safe and effective.

Tracing monkeypox

What do we know about monkeypox, what do we not know, and what efforts are going into modelling it?

The mathematical forces that fought COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency resulted in some amazing mathematical collaborations.

Happy birthday Isaac Newton Institute!

The INI is celebrating its 30th birthday. What is it and what is it do for maths and mathematicians?

A short introduction to the work of June Huh

Huh may have had relatively late start in mathematics but his work with maths you can feel and touch has won him a Fields medal.

A short introduction to the work of Maryna Viazovska

Viazovska is only the second woman to receive a Fields Medal, for her ground-breaking proof to a problem we're all familiar with.

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