List by Author: Marianne Freiberger

The EMS Prizes 2024: Frederick Manners

Frederick Manners  has won a prestigious EMS Prize at the European Congress of Mathematics 2024 for, among other things, a problem involving pyjamas.

The EMS Prizes 2024: Tom Hutchcroft

Tom Hutchcroft has won a prestigious EMS Prize at the European Congress of Mathematics 2024, for work on mathematical models that can help us figure out phase transitions.

The EMS Prizes 2024: Richard Montgomery

Richard Montgomery has won a prestigious EMS Prize at the European Congress of Mathematics 2024 for work on objects so ubiquitous in everyday life it's easy to forget they're mathematical: networks.

Moduli spaces: Exploring the torus space

This article describes how you can describe the entire universe of Riemann tori (surfaces that look like dooughnuts) in one go.

Moduli spaces: What type of Riemann tori are there?

A Riemann torus is a surface that looks like a doughnut. This articles explored how you might tell Riemann tori apart.

Moduli spaces: Introducing Riemann surfaces

How many different surfaces are there? The question seems impossible to answer, but mathematicians have a way of dealing with the multitude. Follow us on a journey into the world of moduli spaces.

Beating bird flu with maths

With bird flu spreading through cattle herds in the US and infecting humans, the diseases poses a severe threat to wild life, poultry and also people. What can mathematical modelling do to help?

Differential privacy: Keeping your data safe

The age of Big Data poses a risk to our privacy as even anonymised data can sometimes be linked to individuals. Differential privacy provides a way of protecting sensitive information even when some of it is made public.

Maths in a minute: Stochastic gradient descent

How does artificial intelligence manage to produce reliable outputs? Stochastic gradient descent has the answer!

Keeping your data safe in the face of AI

The advent of artificial intelligence poses new threats to the privacy of our personal data.  We explore the challenges and a way to address them.

AI and GoPro physics

Will AI one day be able to spot the equation that describes a physical process just by looking at a video of it? 

Measles cases on the rise: Why this is worrying and what we can do


We look at the recent rise in measles cases, why it has led to a national health incident being declared, and what can be done to avert the threat.