List by Author: Rachel Thomas

The murmuration conjecture: finding new maths with AI

Artificial intelligence is changing all our lives - even the lives of mathematicians.  Yang-Hui He tells us about his exciting new conjecture that came about due to both artificial and human intelligence, and reveals patterns in the prime numbers that look like flocks of birds.

String theory: A promise from physics

Mathematics is an indispensable tool in physics, but can physics solve problem in maths? Find out more in this article.

String theory: Convincing mathematics

Find out how a theory from physics has provided tools for solving long-standing problems in number theory. And in turn how number theory helps solve the mystery of black holes.

Outraged by not knowing

Our neighbour Oscar Randal-Williams tells us about his exciting work at the frontiers of mathematics and the fundamental question he might be just about to answer!

Introducing the mathsci-comm network

We are very pleased to be launching this network for those working in, and with a stake in, communicating complex mathematics and data science to a variety of non-expert audiences.

Contagious maths, part 1: Build your own model

With just some simple arithmetic, you can build a basic mathematical model of how a disease might spread. Julia Gog explains how, and there's also some Lego action...

Quantum gravity in the can: The holographic principle

It might sound like something from science fiction, but the holographic principle might help us answer the biggest problem in modern physics.

Contagious Maths, part 2: Play Lucky Dip!

You can explore how we might extend our model but running your own epidemic with our Lucky Dip interactivity. Follow along with Julia as she paves the way to a model that is very similar to the mathematics disease modellers use every day.

Contagious maths, Part 3: Everybody is different

In Part 3 Julia refines our model to use one of the most important numbers in disease modelling. And there's a chance for you to explore its meaning using a new interactivity.

Entropy: From fridge magnets to black holes

Entropy is the hero of our story – bringing together physics at every scale.

Contagious maths, Part 4: Get moving!

In the final Part we explore what other aspects we need to consider to make a model more realistic. There's an interactivity that allows you to party, commute, and visit friends and we find out more about what life as a research is like from Julia.

From steam engines to the limits of physics

Come on a fantastic journey from some of our oldest ideas about physics to the biggest mystery of the modern age!