Maths in a minute

Want facts and want them fast? Our Maths in a minute series explores key mathematical concepts in just a few words. From symmetry to Euclid's axioms, and from binary numbers to the prosecutor's fallacy, learn some maths without too much effort.

Maths in a minute: The d'Hondt method

How does the voting system for the European Parliament elections work?

Maths in a minute: The Sydney Opera House

The mathematical puzzle behind the iconic structure.

Maths in a minute: Flipping pancakes

In time for pancake day here's a problem about flipping pancakes. It turns out to be surprisingly hard.

Maths in a minute: Equal temperatures

At any point in time there are two points on the Earth's equator with the same temperature.

Maths in a minute: Higher dimensions

In normal life higher dimensions smack of science fiction, but in mathematics they are nothing out of the ordinary.

Maths in a minute: Transcendental numbers (and politics)

A quick introduction to transcendental numbers, a famous problem which relates to them, and how the person who solved it became a victim of political tensions.

Maths in a minute: Truth tables

Introducing an indispensable tool of mathematical logic.

Maths in a minute: Chomp

A game involving biscuits and maths — what could be better?

Maths in a minute: The axioms of probability theory

Take a quick trip to the foundations of probability theory.

Maths in a minute: Graphs and the degree sum formula

Double counting proves a neat result in graph theory.

Maths in a minute: Dark energy

What is dark energy and how do we know it's there?

Maths in a minute: Dark matterPhysicists believe that around 82% of all the matter in the Universe is invisible dark matter. But if it's invisible how do they know it's there?